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Learning to Survive the Pain of IVDD

The actual IVDD diagnosis was a shock to us all. Having had dogs my whole life, I thought I knew the source of Henry’s symptoms. I thought the origin of Henry’s pain was stemming from his muscles, tendons, and ligaments but after taking him to my Vet, I learned the victims were his vertebral discs. […]

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This Dachshund Has A Really Jealous Brother!

This video is hilarious. That basset hound is performing and carrying on just like a dachshund. He starts off by not touching his treat and thinking about what that dachshund has (they have the same thing). He looks away but, it’s no use, he can still hear that chewing and, in the end, it just […]

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Why This Adorable Dog Has Become An Internet Sensation Will Warm Your Heart!

This is a story of a dog named Tillie and how she saved the life of her friend, by staying with her for a week until help arrived! This is going to warm your heart!

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