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Adorable Labrador Mix Pup Is Up For Adoption, And She’s Gorgeous!

Meet Sheba, an adorable Boston Terrier and a Labrador mix pup who just wants to find her forever loving home! Can you help? Yes you can, by sharing this post with everyone you know!

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German Shepherd And Other Dogs Have Priceless Reactions, When A Cat Shows Up Unannounced At Dog Show!

These dogs didn’t see this coming! No one could possibly expect a cat at a dog show, which means that these dogs were really surprised. Every dog had a different reaction to the Bengal cat. The shepherd was curious, the dachshund felt awkward and the bulldog was excited! The cat’s name is Boomer and his human says, […]

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German Shepherd Puts Little Dog’s Head In His Mouth!

In this short and strange video, a big and beautiful German shepherd dog is hanging out with his little Boston terrier buddy and decides to put the little dog’s entire head in his mouth! It’s doggie play time for this German shepherd mix and Boston Terrier! While play biting is common in doggie play time, this […]

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