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This Adorable Pup Has A Friend Over At Home! Watch Them Have The Time Of Their Lives!

One of the best things that can happen when you are a pup is having a friend over to play! It can get very lonely at home, especially with Dad and Mom having to tackle their own responsibilities.

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Woman Suddenly Feels The Urge To Visit The Shelter And Knows Why When She’s There

It was a day off for Dani McKissick in Houston, Texas, when she suddenly felt an extremely strong, striking feeling – akin to a punch of a gut. This gut feeling was telling her only one thing: she needed to help an animal in need.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Tries To Take Chow Chow For A Walk!

This sweet golden retriever puppy has decided he’s in charge here! The pup is spending some time with his Chow Chow friend, but when the pup notices nobody is holding the chow’s leash,  he knows it’s up to him to grab that leash and hold on! After grabbing the leash, the little fluffy puppy tries […]

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