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Narcolepsy In Dogs: Meet Rusty

Meet Rusty, the narcoleptic red dachshund. Narcoleptic episodes in dogs are actually fairly common and can range anywhere from several seconds to 3o minutes. Sometimes narcolepsy is a sign of a bigger health issue and sometimes there are no underlying causes – it’s simply hereditary – especially in Dachshunds, Labrador Retrievers, Poodles, and Doberman Pinschers. […]

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Doberman Puppy Tries To Copy Labrador But It’s An Epic Fail!

Dogs are a lot like people. Younger siblings tend to follow the older ones around and they want to do everything their big brother or sister does. Your big brother can jump really high? You try to do it too. But sometimes older siblings do things that the younger ones just physically can’t do. They’ll […]

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Adorable Labrador Teaches Doberman How To Swim! #ProfessionalSwimmer!

This adorable Labrador just turned into a swimming teacher! Look how he patiently shows the doberman how to swim!

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