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Family Surprises Their Dog With A Puppy!

If you’re truly a dog person you know that no gift is too special for your furry best friend. After all, dogs are truly members of our families, and after all the unconditional love they give us as, they deserve something special in return. Dogs don’t need the fanciest food, bed, or toys on the […]

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This Little Girl Loves Giving Her Golden Retriever A Treat!

In the following video, an adorable baby just can’t stop laughing as she feeds her beloved Golden retriever! The cute little girl has her own plate of food, but she decides she’s done and throws little pieces of food to the dog! The pup waits patiently for the treats and when he runs to get […]

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Video: Goldendoodle Drives A Three-Wheeler!

It looks like more and more dogs are leaning how to drive these days and while they may not be street legal yet, dogs like Roscoe the goldendoodle are getting lots of practice in. Here, Roscoe is showing us how he drives a three wheeler on a farm. Roscoe is so proud of himself because for […]

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