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Group Of Friends Were Heartbroken To See Tiny Puppy Abandoned In The Park

Some friends were enjoying their time in Oklahoma, walking their pups, when they spotted a very thin, small, depressed puppy in the grass. Some of his fur was missing and he looked sad and defeated.

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Man Stumbles Upon Tiny Hairless Puppies – A Little TLC Totally Transforms Them

A man was heading to his workplace in Sylacauga, Alabama when he came across something unexpected in a wooded area. Huddled together and shivering were six tiny little puppies, furless and with bright pink, chapped skin. He hurriedly brought them to a nearby shelter.

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Giant Puppy Fell Head Over Heels For His Elder Brother And It’s Just Too Cute To Watch!

Katie Becattini has wanted to bring a new pup into her home for a while, but she was concerned that Tuck, her current rescue pup, wouldn’t be too fond of the idea.

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