Curious Pup Gets Mad When He Can't Catch A Tiny Piece Of Paper! Aww! - A Dog's Love

Curious Pup Gets Mad When He Can’t Catch A Tiny Piece Of Paper! Aww!

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Teasing can only really go so far until it starts getting cruel. After all, if there’s no prior understanding, or if it’s over something important to the receiving party, then all that teasing can turn into frustration pretty quickly.

And it doesn’t help if you’re just a little puppy who doesn’t really understand better!

Bruno the Labrador Retriever puppy is just a tiny thing of only a few weeks old and is still learning about the world around him. This includes the fact that his parents can be pretty mischievous, much to his detriment – something he is now finding out the hard way!

In this video, his parent waves about a piece of paper in front of him. This pup, naturally being curious, wants to see what’s up with that – but he just can’t get a hold of it! The paper is always just out of his reach! In the end, he gets pretty angry and frustrated about it, and stalks off in a huff!

Feature Image Source: labradorlovingsouls 

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