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Do Dogs Have A Sense Of Humor? The Answer May Surprise You!

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Can dogs have a sense of humor? Of course they can! Here are 10 ways canines show off their comedic thoughts.

  1. They Wag Their Tails. When a dog wags their tail, it’s because they can’t hold their happiness in, no matter how hard they try!
  2. They Speak. Many dogs vocalize using all sorts of different sounds, yapping, jabbering, and babbling to their heart’s content and waiting for the appropriate response from their owner.
  3. They Play Hide-Away. When a dog knows you may take something from them, they derive much joy from hiding it!
  4. They Smile. A toothy grin from a dog can look aggressive, but if it comes with a wagging tail, a soft expression, and a daintily executed bow, it’s a lovely smile.
  5. They Dance. Some particularly happy dogs will stand on their hind legs and dance or shake around, just for fun!
  6. They Play. Even the biggest dogs love to frolic around!
  7. They Steal. Dogs never intend to become thieves, but they sure do like seeing how their owners wander around in confusion trying to search for what their dogs have stolen!
  8. They Laugh. Yes, dogs laugh! Their eyes sparkle, their heads shoot up, they give you a silly-sounding pant, and they may even give you a wide-mouthed smile!
  9. They Try To Make You Laugh. Dogs recognize their owner’s laughter as a positive noise, and sometimes they try to make it happen!
  10. They Butt In – Literally! Dogs just love to intrude on each other, and while a lot of their nose-in-butt gestures are for social reasons, sometimes they do that with their humans as a bit of a joke.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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