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Do You Give Boiled Eggs To Your Dogs? Here’s What You Need To Know

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There are many, many human foods that a dog just can’t eat. They may be toxic to them or simply very unhealthy. But what about eggs? After all, they’re full of protein, calcium, and other nutrients, right?

Good news! Dogs can eat eggs. Hard-boiled eggs are the safest option, because raw eggs can be potentially dangerous due to contaminants. Most dogs love the texture and taste of hard-boiled eggs, too.

To prepare eggs for your dogs, all you have to do is completely hard-boil them, then drain the pot and put them in an ice bath to get cool. You can then peel off the shell and throw it out, or even crush the shell and serve it alongside the egg, as the shell is safe for dogs to eat. Cut the egg into the right size for your dog’s mouth and serve.

Hard-boiling is the best option over scrambled, fried, or other forms of cooked eggs because they don’t require the addition of butter, oil, cooking sprays, or salt.

Here are some of the benefits of hard-boiled eggs for dogs:

  • They can help to calm an upset or uneasy stomach
  • They have tons of amino acids and essential fatty acids
  • They promote tissue repair
  • They help muscles to develop healthily
  • They’re full of healthy components like selenium, calcium, and riboflavin

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