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Doberman Puppy Tries To Copy Labrador But It’s An Epic Fail!

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Dogs are a lot like people. Younger siblings tend to follow the older ones around and they want to do everything their big brother or sister does. Your big brother can jump really high? You try to do it too. But sometimes older siblings do things that the younger ones just physically can’t do. They’ll be able to one day, but they need to get a bit bigger first and that is the case here with this black lab and doberman pinscher puppy.

Newton, the black lab jumps up into the flat bed of his parents’ pick up truck with ease but he’s a good bit bigger than his little sister, Rogue, the doberman puppy. Rogue doesn’t seem to realize that though and tries to follow.

Unfortunately, the truck bed is just a little too tall for Rogue and instead of jumping onto the truck like her brother, she jumps…well…more like under the truck! Poor little thing. She’s got a lot of growing to do though and I’m sure one day she’ll be hopping into that truck like it’s a piece of cake! Until then…she’d better ask for some help! Someone get this pup a step stool!

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