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Dog In Critical Condition After She Was Mercilessly Dragged Behind Truck Going 60 MPH

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Nothing quite breaks out heart like hearing about cases of animal cruelty. As dog lovers, we feel a sense of rage flowing over us when we hear such stories, and we find it extremely difficult to understand the reason behind it.

If owners truly do not want their dogs, then why not give them up to a shelter instead of hurting them? If a dog has misbehaved or keeps misbehaving, why not take him for behavioral analysis instead of punishing him for something he himself can not understand? It is beyond our understanding as to the motives of some dog owners.

Yes, I said owners. I almost never use that word, but would a dog parent do such a thing? No. Only people who think they “own” their dogs do such horrible things. Either way, we want justice for the innocent.

One case that is extremely gut-wrenching is the story of a dog dragged behind a truck that was traveling at almost 60 miles per hour. This poor four-legged girl was tied to the back with a rope and dragged along the road. When other drivers hooted and raised alertness around the driver, the trucker got out and cut the rope, leaving the poor girl at the side of the road.

She is in critical condition, with most of her front skin gone. Rescuers did what the could but had doubts about whether she would survive the ordeal. As cruel as the situation was, this brown-eyed beauty had a strong will to live. Reports say she is recovering, and her tail has even started wagging. It will be a long road of healing ahead for this furry face, but her sheer will and determination prevails. In the meantime, authorities are doing what they can to track the guilty owner down and bring them to justice.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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