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Dog Stuck On Cliff In Santa Barbara Gets Rescued By Firefighters

A sunny Sunday Morning with clear skies at the More Mesa Bluffs, Santa Barbara, was nothing short of a chronicle for the County’s Firefighters.

They received an alarming report that a dog had fallen off a cliff early in the morning around 9 am. The reports stated that the dog was in the stretch around Mockingbird Lane and Calle Las Brisas.  Firefighters responded appropriately with a fire engine and rescue company. One would’ve queried about the dog’s parent as they were nowhere in sight; however, there was a lack of description pertaining to the pup’s physical attributes- probably contributing to his roving about.

Unto arrival at the scene, firefighters in their adept UTV and fire engines assessed the scene. The crews discovered the pup somewhat 75 to 100 feet on the other side of the steep cliff. The force then configured a high-angle rope system and directed a firefighter over the edge of the sandy cliff toward the dog. Drone footage from the County Fire captured the ordeal; ascribing the taxing experience as the firefighter worked through the shrubbery to get to the dog.

Once secured in a separate rope system and harness, both the pup and firefighter were lowered onto the beach. By good fortune, the pup and firefighter were harnessed down without blemish and the pup was gladly reunited with his parent at the scene. The Santa Barbara County fire department is surely to be thanked for responding so skillfully!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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