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Dog Who Fell Off 40ft Cliff Survives And Escapes Without Any Injuries!

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Thank goodness for guardian angels. In my opinion, I feel like they need a pay raise especially the one responsible for watching over Lady, a calm nine-year-old yellow Labrador described as being nothing short of perfect (with a smile that can break hearts) by her lucky paw-parents.

A couple of months ago, Lady and her family went hiking at the Grand Canyon in Pennsylvania when Lady suddenly shot off like an arrow, which is not too worrisome since Lady is an esteemed hunting pupper. But what occurred a few moments later nearly caused her family and guardian angel to kick the bucket from a stroke. Poor excited Lady had unluckily managed to somehow tumble off a cliff 40 feet down during her mad dash!

Immediately her horrified paw-parents called in experts (DCNR personnel, park rangers and Wellsboro Fire Department) to search and rescue Lady. Lady’s mum desperately called for her and thankfully barking could be heard down below which helped guide her rescuers to her location. Miraculously, Lady was discovered with no serious injuries and in good spirits, her poor exhausted guardian angel probably worked incredibly hard to keep her safe during that fall (give that angel a vacation!).

Her rescuers created a makeshift gurney using the shirts off their backs and carried Lady out the Canyon back to her worried family. Lady was rushed to the vet who confirmed that after taking scans and x-rays, Lady only had a cut on her paw and a few small lung contusions, leading this lucky Lab to be called the “miracle dog”.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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