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Dramatic Pup Protests In The Middle Of The Street In The Most Hilarious Manner!

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Some pups are talented at tricks. Some are fantastic cuddlers. And some, like Ryder the half basset hound and half Labrador pup, are destined for theater.

Ryder and his Dad, Sean Tornetta, go on a lot of walks. But Ryder wants the walks to go on forever. If he had is way, they’d never go back home. And, hilariously, the pup has found a way to communicate his utter disdain for his Dad’s decision to return in the most dramatic way possible.

The smart pup has learned to figure out when they’re starting to head home because they will go through roads that have been passed before that same day. So whenever Ryder realizes this has happened, he makes a big show of how boring everything is because he’s already sniffed it. How? By completely flat out collapsing like a total drama king!

Ryder will simply drop down onto the ground in a very dramatic fashion, reducing his Dad to laughter each time. Dad would then be forced to pick him up and bring him all the way back home by carrying him. Unfortunately, this has only encouraged Ryder! Now, he makes sure to be even more dramatic with every new walk they go on.

Of course, Dad isn’t convinced. The pup simply pretends to be too bored and tired to continue, but Dad knows he’s just making a show in hopes that Dad will decide to let him stay outside. And if he doesn’t, then he gets to be babied all the way back home. That’s a win for any pup!

Images & Feature Image Source: Sean Tornetta

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