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Family Reunited With Their Missing Pup After Nine Long Years!

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Sometimes, the worst happens – through a series of unfortunate events, we may lose our beloved pups.

Maybe they managed to get loose when we weren’t paying attention, or somehow got lost while you’re moving to a new house. Whatever the reason or scenario, it all leads to the unthinkable – our beloved pooches are well and truly missing.

In the past, pups weren’t as dearly beloved and were considered property. A missing pup could be easily replaced – although 39-year-old Rob Smith vehemently disagrees with that idea. The Llanelli, South Wales native belongs to the group that thinks that pups should be a part of one’s family – especially since his missing pup gave him his perfect family.

Buster the Labrador Retriever had mysteriously disappeared 9 years ago, and through the process of finding and appealing for the pup, Smith ended up gaining a family with two children. Almost a decade later, the missing pup showed up once more to complete the family!

Feature Image Source: Caters_News

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