Few Hours After Dog Passes Away, Woman Sees Her In The Sky - A Dog's Love

Few Hours After Dog Passes Away, Woman Sees Her In The Sky

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Losing a loved one, be it, family or friend, is truly heart-breaking. We find ourselves at a deep loss and dread the thought of never being able to see them again.

Many of our dogs have been by our sides through the good, the bad, and the ugly. They have seen us grow up, find partners or friends, and never fail to show up for us in our time of need. But as time goes on, our canine companion’s age too, being only a natural process. When they do pass on, we find ourselves wondering if they are ok and wholeheartedly hold on to the photos of them that we have.

As many times in life, the strangest things happen. This was the case for dog mom, Lucy Ledgeway, who recently had lost her precious pooch. After fourteen years of loyalty and companionship, Lucy’s dog Sunny had reached the end of her life. The time had come for her to move on over the rainbow bridge. Lucy was left heartbroken, as Sunny had played such an important role in her life.

She found herself pleading for a sign that Sunny was in a better place. Much to her surprise, Lucy received her sign only hours after Sunny’s passing. Above Lucy, the clouds around her had come together and formed the face of her companion, Sunny. Lucy immediately took photos of the formation and posted it on social media. Her post went viral almost immediately.

Now with a feeling of ease, Lucy knew Sunny was in a better place!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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