What Do You Get When You Have Three Of A Kind? This Is Just Too Adorable!

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Tug of war is a battle of pure strength. Sure, you may be able to try and play mind games with your opponent, but at the end of the day, the team that pulls the hardest wins!

Your victory is marked by the opposing team either falling into a pit of mud or they all fall down on top of each other in a pile of shame! The best games of tug of war involve evenly matched teams. This video has an mismatched contest between three beagle puppies, Penny, Lion Heart, and Sarah (aka Peanut).

But, when you watch the video, you will see that the dog in the middle seems to be having trouble getting a good hold on the rope as the two brown and white dogs go head to head! Ah, well, it doesn’t matter who wins – they are puppies and they are just playing! The main thing is that they all had fun! Cookies for everyone!

Feature Image Source: Donovan Edington

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