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Guy Finds Out What His Girlfriend And His Adorable Pup Are Up To When He’s Not At Home

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Jose Perez, his girlfriend, and their adorable little pup Nina make the perfect trio. They love each other very much and are extremely close.

That’s why it was difficult for Perez to leave them behind so he could go on a business trip. He worried that they would be sad without him or miss him too much.

Luckily, it turns out that he didn’t have to worry too much; though they missed him a lot, they were also managing fine on their own! And he found out in the most hilarious and adorable way possible.

In Perez’s home, they have a security camera that alerts them to any motion that occurs in its field of vision after 12 midnight. They originally got it mainly to keep an eye on Nina when they were out of the house.

This one night, Perez was getting ready to lie down and turn in for the night in his unfamiliar room on his trip, he got an intruder alert. He quickly rushed to check the footage and realized that his girlfriend had just gotten back home after having to work late that night.

Evidently, Nina was so happy to see that her Mom was home, and she was excitedly greeting her. Together, they were having a bit of a dance party all on their own, enjoying their time together and having a blast! Perez was absolutely thrilled with this pleasant surprise, and it absolutely made his entire night.

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Apparently, Nina and Perez’s girlfriend share a much closer bond than Perez does to Nina, so he often jokes that he’s a third wheel. Still, he loves his little family, and he wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Besides, Nina was super happy to see him when he came home after his trip!

Images & Feature Image Source: Jose Perez

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