Halloween Is Right Around The Corner. Have You Decided On Your Pup’s Costume?

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Halloween is right around the corner! Scary decorations are popping up in yards all around the country! Stores are stocked with candy, spider webs, witches, buckets, and candy (lots and lots of candy)!

While some pets prefer to stay indoors and away from the noise and confusion of the sugar-fueled night. Many pets have no problem getting all dressed up and enjoying the festivities! Pet parents can get creative and put fancy headgear or a full-body costume on their fur babies to make the night a complete success!

Not all dogs are willing to wear any sort of costume – but, if you do go out with them, maybe you could hang festive trinkets on their leash or harness. One idea for this year would be to dress up your dog as an item of food! If your dog is willing, dress them up as a hot dog!

How about dressing your pet us as a burger – then if you have a second dog they could be the fries! Popular culture is a good place for inspiration too. There are many great costume ideas from hit shows from reality to animated. Christmas is coming so you could do the classic Santa or reindeer costume. Probably the biggest hit show now is Game of Thrones!  All you need is a black cape and fur collar, and you have a member of ‘man in black’!

Other classic costumes like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman are always great for any pet! Be creative, have fun, and stay safe out there!

Feature Image Source: Sugar The Golden Retriever

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