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Happy Little Dog Can’t Believe He’s Meeting His Hero! He’s Definitely Seeing Himself!

Humans often get super excited to meet celebrities. Little do they know that dogs can feel the same way!

Kirby the bulldog dog and his Mom Martha Roelkey are huge fans of the Bulldogs, the football team of the University of Georgia. Roelkey has always been a die-hard supporter, and Kirby wound up watching a lot of the games and falling a little in love with the Bulldogs mascot.

The mascot is, of course, a giant human-sized bulldog walking like a human, and Kirby probably sees himself in that lovable face! He watched the big mascot and dreamed of what it would be like to say hello to him in person.

University of Georgia

Then, one fine weekend, Roelkey brought Kirby along to a University of Georgia Bulldogs game. When the mascot appeared to rouse the crowd, Kirby absolutely went nuts! He rushed right for the mascot and jumped all over him excitedly, thrilled to meet his hero at last!

Kirby was in heaven as the Bulldogs mascot happily played with him and showered him with affection. The dog managed to lick the face of the man wearing the mascot! His Mom isn’t sure if he thought the mascot was a giant chew toy or not, but the end result is pretty adorable regardless!

Blane Marable Photography

This incredible moment was huge for Kirby. He was hyped and happy for the rest of the day, and he was totally exhausted from the excitement once he got home.

Martha Roelkey

Meanwhile, a picture and a video of the incident began going viral online, winning people’s hearts with its cuteness! It seems like Kirby’s happiness is definitely infectious.

Feature Image Source: Blane Marable Photography

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