Have You Ever Heard Of A Talking Pup? Here's One Talking To His Mom And Grandpa! - A Dog's Love

Have You Ever Heard Of A Talking Pup? Here’s One Talking To His Mom And Grandpa!

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No family dinner discussion is complete without consulting everyone on what they would like to eat. After all, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise – everyone who is eating should have a say in the dinner selection.

And in this family, this evidently includes the puppy as well!

In this video, Mom and Grandpa are discussing with Walcott the German Shepherd what they would like for dinner. They’re already on the road and driving, so they have to make a decision quickly. What’s something that everyone in the car would enjoy eating? Duck noodles, perhaps?

When the idea is brought up it seems that everyone is in agreement – even Walcott! He tries to vocally sound his agreement, and his preferences come through loud and clear. Looks like dinner is settled then – now they just gotta get there. At least they have this chatty pup to keep them company while they drive down to a restaurant!

Feature Image Source: Walcott the Rockstar

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