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Have You Ever Seen A “Puppy Cart”? This Is The Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See!

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Transporting puppies around a shelter is pretty tough. Not only do puppies tend to be overly energetic and easily distracted, they are also more likely to get sick if allowed to roam around as they please. As such, getting them all where they need to go in one piece is important.

The Nebraska Humane Shelter faces this dilemma whenever they receive a new, large litter of baby pups. So, they decided to find a solution. They created a special transportation container called a “puppy cart”.

It’s basically a big plastic box with wheels on it, labelled “Puppy Cart” and used to place a bunch of little furballs inside at once so they can be safely wheeled across the shelter.

And it’s absolutely adorable! It’s no wonder shelter staff posted a picture of the cart in action on their social media, where it went viral and quickly took the Internet by storm – with good reason! It’s just so cute!

According to the shelter’s Vice President of public relations and marketing, Pam Wiese, many young puppies aren’t vaccinated when they first arrive and tend to be curious enough to pick everything up off the floor.

This is the safest way to move them around quickly and all at once without risking bad health. The cart has since become a great way to encourage adoption, and pups who need forever homes sometimes have a little photoshoot inside the cart so that others will see them and consider adopting them.

This works very well! Just recently, a big litter of boxer mixes, just 9 weeks old, were taken out of foster care and loaded into the cart so pictures could be taken of them. Since then, they’ve all found forever homes!

No one can resist the Puppy Cart!

Images & Feature Image Source: Nebraska Humane Shelter

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