Have You Ever Wondered What Pups Do When They're Bored? Chase Their Tails, That's What! - A Dog's Love

Have You Ever Wondered What Pups Do When They’re Bored? Chase Their Tails, That’s What!

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We all know just how adorable pups can be – especially as puppies! They seem to enjoy doing all sorts of quirky things, especially without realising just how silly they appear! You can say these puppies have no shame – although really, it seems that most pups don’t!

This Labrador Retriever puppy has finally a moment to be free of her light chain leash, and she is taking this moment to – guess what? Chase her tail! Considering that this is such a quintessential thing about pups that we joke about constantly in media, it is nice to see there is proof pups do actually do that!

She takes a moment to stop and reassess her surroundings, but soon she is back to chasing her tail. Each time she gets so close to chomping down on her tail and holding it, but she is always just a little too far! She will get that tail soon, we’re sure.

Feature Image Source: ch venkat

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