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Heartbroken Pups Were Left Outside With The Trash After Their Family Got Evicted

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Allen Boartfield was awoken on a Friday morning to an urgent call. The person on the other end of the phone line informed him that two little pups had been seen huddled next to a pile of trash on the corner of a street in Barstow, California.

Boartfield, who was called because he is a volunteer with the Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue group, was told the intersection where the pups were spotted. The previous family of these pups was being evicted from her home, and she had stuffed her pups into a wire cage and put them alongside some old clothes and blankets for the garbagemen to pick up.

Boartfield hurried over and was luckily able to save the two pups in time. The two dogs were extremely terrified. One of the dogs, later named Catch, was extremely protective over his sister, later named Treasure, and even nipped at Boartfield. Thankfully, the man was not going to give up.

Boartfield was able to get the pups to the Camino Pet Hospital, located in Irvine. Staff were shocked by how shaken and heartbroken the dogs looked. Treasure was completely covered in matted fur, and Catch had a cold that required he be isolated.

Although Treasure was defensive at first, she eventually began to calm down. After taking a bath, undergoing treatment, and being spayed, she revealed her true outgoing and cheerful personality. It wasn’t long before she began kissing all the vets and vet techs who helped her!

Meanwhile, Catch still needs time to recover. He’s extremely shy and doesn’t want to be touched at all, but staff are hopeful that he will soon heal so he and Treasure can find a forever home where they can be with each other. They’re not going to give up on him no matter what!

Images & Feature Image Source: Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue

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