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Here Are 5 Common House Training Problems And Why They Happen

House training a dog can be difficult. Here are 5 common house training problems and why they happen.

Accidents While You’re Away

A puppy’s bladder may not be able to hold it in for long enough for you to come home. As a rule, puppies can hold their pee for around the same number of hours as their age in months – hence a two-month-old can hold it for two hours. Adult dogs can typically hold it for a maximum of eight.

Not Telling You When They Need To Go

Your dog may not naturally pick up a cue that signals they need to go outside. You will have to train them to perform a specific action to be let out.

Repeated Soiling In The Same Spot

If your dog keeps using the bathroom in the exact same place indoors, it’s likely because they can smell the remnants of previous accidents they’ve had there. Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell, so you’ll have to work extra hard to clean off the remaining odor. Use an enzyme cleaner to banish it all!

Urinating Indoors In Older Dogs

A dog who has suddenly started having accidents when they never did before could be showing signs of a medical problem. Speak to your vet about possibilities.

Refusal To Use The Bathroom When You’re With Them

You’ve let your dog out to use the bathroom, but now they’re no longer interested. It’s likely that they’ve gotten distracted, have learned how to ask to be let out for exploration or play, or just didn’t really need to go.

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