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Here Are 6 Signs Your Dog May Be Living In Fear

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It is fairly safe to say that no dog owner wants their dogs to live in fear. But many dogs do experience daily anxiety and fright without showing it in an obvious manner. Here are 6 signs that your dog may be living in fear.


When your dog doesn’t respond to your commands, cues, or calls, it’s easy to think that they are misbehaving. But dogs under stress or influenced by fear will have reverted to their most base instincts, meaning they will have trouble following taught orders.


Lots of dogs pant for many different reasons. But if it’s not a warm day and your dog is panting, it’s likely a sign of some form of stress.

Lack Of Appetite

Some dogs may refuse food or treats, which is a tell-tale sign that they are too anxious to eat. It may be a new environment, some form of distraction, or a new person or animal around the.


A dog who seems constantly distracted and looking everywhere around them may be scanning the area for possible threats.


A dog who suddenly starts to yawn, sniff, or scratch, completely ignoring commands and cues, may be frightened. This typically happens outdoors, where many things can spook them.


This is a form of appeasement that a dog may perform when they are feeling nervous or frightened.

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