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Here Are 7 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Cool During Hot Summers

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The summer months can sure be hot, especially for dogs. Here are 7 ways to keep them safe and cool.

Be Careful On Walks

Hot asphalt can burn your dog’s sensitive paw pads. Stay on the grass as much as possible and don’t walk on the sidewalk or road for longer than a minute or so. You can also make your dog wear booties to protect their feet.

Don’t Leave Them In A Car

In a closed hot car, temperature rises quickly. In just ten minutes, there can be a 20-degree difference, and after half an hour, a 70-degree day can turn into a 100-degree one – a fatal temperature.

Know How To Cool A Dog Down

Keep an eye out for symptoms of overheating, like body warmth, dark urine, sunken or inelastic skin, panting, and tiredness. Use a cold washcloth to lower their temperature on the neck, paws, and armpits, get them to drink some cold water, and seek medical attention.

Keep Your Dog Safe Outdoors

If your dog has to stay outside in the heat, make sure they have plenty of shade, a cooling bed, fresh water, and even a pool of cold water to lounge in!

Maintain Hydration

Always make sure your dog has access to clean, fresh water. When you’re leaving the house with your dog, bring along a doggy bowl and a bottle of water for them.

Don’t Cut Their Fur

Yes, it seems like fur is hot, but a dog’s hair can actually help them to stay cool and prevent sunburn.

Allow Cooling Activities

Digging, swimming, ice cream treats, and other activities can help keep your dog cool.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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