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Here Are 8 Ways To Manage An Extremely Hyperactive Dog!

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Is your dog extremely hyperactive? Here are eight ways to manage that!

  1. Amphetamines. These medications are commonly used to treat conditions involving hyperactivity. A small dose, administered orally as per your vet’s instructions, can help a dog act more calmly.
  2. Neutering. The excess testosterone in an unneutered dog can cause aggression and hyperactivity.
  3. Exercise. A tired dog isn’t one who will be bouncing off the walls. Make sure your dog gets a daily outlet for their excess energy through good exercise.
  4. Make Diet Changes. Protein is very important for dogs – but too much of it could potentially lead to aggression! This is because the waste products made by digestion protein can overly concentrate the blood, leading to hyperactivity.
  5. L-tyrosine Supplements. Hyperactivity is often associated with the dysfunction of a particular area of the brain – the part that is rich in dopamine.
  6. Tricks. Teach a dog with hyperactive tendencies all sorts of new commands and tricks to help them direct their energy to a positive focus.
  7. Thyroid Treatment. Often, hyperactivity of any kind can be linked to thyroid issues. Anxiety, mood swings, and even ADHD have all been linked to thyroid problems
  8. Classical Music. Numerous studies have indicated that dogs can listen to and enjoy music. Classical music in particular is extra useful to them, known for inducing calm!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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