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Here’s How To Introduce Your Partner To Your Dogs

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Introducing a new partner to your dog can be like trying to do so for your kids. Your dog may not like the new person infiltrating their home. Is there any way that you can change this? If so, how?

Before The First Meeting

Before you even let your partner meet your dog, you should do the following:

  • Prepare your partner. They should know how your dog usually reacts to new people and how to best approach your dog.
  • Take something from your partner for your dog to sniff at. A worn item usually works best. This can help your dog become accustomed to their scent.
  • Bring your partner over while your dog is out. Ask someone to take your dog for a long walk and let your partner come over so they can leave their scent in your home for your dog to get used to.

The Actual Meeting

Here’s what you need to do when your partner and dog meet for the first time:

  • Introduce Through Fun. Have your partner join you and your dog for a walk, a trip to a park, or during a few games your dog loves.
  • Use Rewards. Let your partner give your dog prized toys or treats to start building trust.
  • Let Your Dog Pace Themselves. Allow your dog to determine how fast the introduction should go. Let your dog lead the interaction.
  • Start Outdoors. Away from home in a neutral, non-trapped location, your dog is more likely to be receptive to someone new.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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