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Here’s How You Can Treat Arthritis In Dogs

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Arthritis, unfortunately, is often a common side effect of aging – no matter what species you hail from. Just how can we help our beloved furry companions?


Talk to your vet about supplements you can give your dogs to help ease their arthritis symptoms.

Lose Weight

More weight on your dog’s joints simply means more pain when they have to move.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Consider investing in a properly-sized memory foam bed for your dog to help cater to their joints.

Gentle Exercise

Look into what sort of low-impact activities your dog can participate in, so their joints don’t become stiff and painful.

Pet Steps and Ramps

Bigger strides equale to more pain, as your poor dog is forced to push their joints further and harder.


This won’t work for all dogs, but it’s been proven to alleviate pain for a lot of dogs – and humans!


Just like with supplements, CBD oils can help ease the symptoms of arthritis as well.


Massages can help a dog relax, loosen their sore muscles, and reduce stress. All important when trying to manage arthritis!

Heat Pads

Cold temperatures always worsen the symptoms of arthritis. Keep them warm, and you’ll help alleviate that pain!

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