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Here’s What You Should Do If Your Dog Guards His Food During Feeding Time

Dogs are always going to feel special about food. But what happens when they’re a little too protective over their bowls during mealtimes, sometimes to the point of aggression? Here’s how to help your dog overcome resource-guarding.

Step 1

Never Tease. Sure, it’s a little amusing, but poking fun at a dog who resource guards will not only increase the risk that they will lash out at you, it also will likely only further enforce that resource-guarding behavior.

Step 2

Prepare food away from your dog, keeping them in a separate room so that they do not start going crazy when they see their bowl being filled. It also prevents them from getting into arguments with other pets you may have.

Step 3

Don’t use crates for feeding. It’s tempting due to how convenient it is, but this can lead to a resource-guarder starting to guard their crate as a result.

Step 4

Let your dog eat in peace. Don’t stand near your dog while they eat – just leave. Keep other dogs in a different room and feed them there. Don’t let them or yourself out until your dog is finished eating.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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