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Here’s What You Should Do When You See A Lost Or Abandoned Dog On The Road

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So you’ve seen an abandoned or lost dog on the side of the road. What do you do next? Here’s a list of steps you can take.

Step 1: Stop The Car

Pull over on the road a little further away, making sure to do so safely.

Step 2: Approach The Dog

Do this very slowly and carefully. If the dog shows signs of aggression or strong emotions that could lead to aggression, stay in your car and call animal control.

Step 3: Use Food

Opt for strong-smelling and attractive treats – like hot dogs or tuna – to entice the dog and build their trust.

Step 4: Try To Capture Them

Approach them from the side, speaking in a friendly voice, without staring. Use a long piece of rope, a leash, some cloth, or anything similar to get them. If you have a kennel, gently move them into it.

Step 5: Check for ID

If you can see that the dog is wearing an ID tag, try to glimpse the information and record it immediately.

Step 6: Can’t Catch Them?

Call animal control. In the meantime, direct cars away from them. If the dog accepts treats, continuing giving them some.

Step 7: Bring Them To Your Car

If you don’t have a kennel, use treats to entice the dog to enter your car.

Step 8: Scan For A Chip

Bring the dog to a vet or shelter and ask for them to be scanned for a chip.

Step 9: Consider Your Next Step

If you want to bring the dog home, make sure they are in good health through a vet checkup first, and make sure you have the means to care for a dog.

Step 10: Consider The Pros and Cons

If you bring a dog home, you can help them relax and feel safe in a non-stressful environment. But if you get attached easily, don’t have the means, or have pets who dislike other animals, consider not bringing the dog home.

Step 11: Spread Information

Use social media, Craigslist and fliers to spread the word about the dog you found. Tell local shelters that you have the dog in case their owner goes to them, and walk the dog regularly around the place you found them in case the owner comes looking there.

Step 12: Being Prepared

Want to be prepared to always rescue abandoned or stranded dogs? Keep blankets, fresh water, strong-smelling foods, leashes and collars, a dog crate, first-aid supplies, your phone and charger, and emergency numbers in your car.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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