Hero Pup Saves Kids From A Wild Dog Attack In Broad Daylight! - A Dog's Love

Hero Pup Saves Kids From A Wild Dog Attack In Broad Daylight!

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Being a farmer is hard work, even if all you are is just a hobbyist one who lives in the country. Raising animals can be pretty easy and routine once you get into the swing of things, but there are still all sorts of concerns and worries that you have – including the fact that the animals you raise might attract unwanted company!

In the case of this family, it seems that a pack of wild coyotes had been eyeing the children for a while. It is quite a story, and one Dad can’t help but share to the camera as he goes about doing his regular chores.

Dad explains that and his brother was moving things into their house while the kids were playing outside in their go-cart, under Gabby the German Shepherd’s supervision. All of a sudden, a wild dog (that Dad has since suspected is a coyote) leaped out of nowhere! But to no avail, because Gabby stepped in and chased off the attacker!

Feature Image Source: Keeping It Dutch

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