How This Adorable Pup Overcomes His Fear Of Swimming Is Commendable!

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Our pups have fears, just like we do. Some things can be scary or frightening for them, especially when it’s their first time experiencing it. Take swimming, for example. A pup will have to get used to his paws not touching the ground and the fact that they can’t breathe underwater is pretty terrifying!

Bennett the Labrador pup has been afraid of water for most of his life. Dad wants him to be able to learn to paddle or swim without panicking in the case of emergencies, so he’s giving him a little push. Daddy carries the pup slowly into their pool until they are half submerged, and the pup doesn’t struggle or panic. Good job!

When Dad lets go, the pup quickly swims back in the direction of the pool stairs to get back onto land. But still, it’s progress, and these baby steps are great ones to see happening! It’s not easy facing fears, and Bennet proved himself to be a brave boy today, so he gets lots of praise and maybe some treats later!

Feature Image Source: FunnyPetVideos

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