Keep An Eye On This Door Because Your Heart Is About To Melt!

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The Golden Retriever is one of the world’s most popular breed of dogs. They are intelligent, beautiful, trustworthy, confident, and enthusiastic dogs!

Golden retrievers were bred as gun dogs that would retrieve waterfowl (upland game birds and ducks) after it was shot. They are happy to do just about anything! They are happy to wake up, see you, happy to go outside, and happy to come back in. The six Golden Retrievers you are about to see come spilling in through the doggie door have been outside playing, and now it is time for them to come in!

What we don’t see is that there is another Golden Retriever inside who is about to give birth – that makes coming in even more exciting than usual! The third dog in is named Kevin, and he is the father of the puppies! Congratulations Kevin and Oakley!

Feature Image Source: DavidMcNab

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