Largest Single Breed Dog Walk Attempted To Break World Record!

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Do you love beagle pups? If so, then you probably think that you can never get enough of them, and maybe the thought has crossed your mind that there is no such thing as too many beagles.

I’m about to challenge that idea right now – how would you like to see hundreds of beagles all in one place?

In an attempt to make a new World Record for the largest single breed dog walk, these pups have all gathered at Capesthorne Hall to go for a walk and make new friends! They are quite excited by all the activity and are thrilled by the number of pups around who look just like them. So it’s only natural that while the walk is happening, they explore the area and touch noses with lots of other pups!

For an event that’s so packed, these pups all seem pretty relaxed and calm! In fact, they’re such well-behaved little pups! I do hope they manage to with that record! Do like and share!

Feature Image Source: Alun Denbury

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One Response to “Largest Single Breed Dog Walk Attempted To Break World Record!”

  1. I love Beagles that video is amazing are those for adoption or sell? Ok wow that you said no adoptions but like a year I adopt a female who was rescue she was pregnant, hit by a car she almost die she was 2 months in the vet I couldn’t leave her :(. She’s my 4 beagle although she’s a little hyper and very difficult to understand maybe her life before me was terrible.
    One day she’ll be like the Beagles in your video ❤️❤️❤️❤️