What Is It Like To Be Parent To A Very Curious Pup? Well, Let’s Find Out!

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Puppies are naturally curious and can always find something to entertain themselves with, even if it’s just conducting a thorough sniffing investigation of a room.

This is even more true for pups who have just come into a new home and have yet to become accustomed to their surroundings!

Nina the English bulldog pup is just two months old, and she hasn’t been in her new house for long. Even though she’s spent a lot of time in its bedroom, she still finds things to explore and be fascinated by. She sniffs at corners and the climbs under the bed to see if there’s anything new under there. What a cutie!

Once she’s done with her adventures, the pup comes over to sit adorably at Daddy’s feet, giving him some cuddles. Aww! She’s such a sweetheart. Don’t forget to like and share this simple but cute little video if you enjoyed it!

Feature Image Source: Pedro Alves

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