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Man’s Pup Goes Missing, Then Returns With Another Pup And A Goat!

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Most of us urban folk would get absolutely terrified if our pups leave the house and vanish. What if they are lost? What if they never successfully find their way back home?

Sure there are plenty of viral stories out there about how pups found their families despite the circumstances keeping them apart, but these seem to be the exceptions rather than the norm.

For parents of pups who work on farms, this is a little less of a concern. With wide, open spaces and visible landmarks, farms are a little easier to navigate through. Still, this doesn’t mean that Kyle Krier and his family weren’t concerned when Bo, their black Labrador Retriever, simply vanished one night.

Luckily, it turns out that he wasn’t kidnapped or anything. He was just visiting the neighbors next door. So when he came back home, he brought along some friends – another pup, and a goat!

Feature Image Source: Daily M Videos

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