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Neighbor Shocked After Discovering Dog And Puppies With Their Mouths Glued Shut

The heart-breaking actions of some people go way beyond our understanding. People who act with cruelty towards our canine companions must have some type of unresolved issues with themselves or others.

How on earth could you possibly feel the need to want to harm a dog? We might never understand it, and a recent incident in Sunbright, Tennessee, brings up these feelings once again! In a household among others in Sunbright, a pet parent had been hospitalized. Details for the hospitalization were not given, but what happened in the absence of this doggy parent was nothing short of horrifying. While the parent was hospitalized, left behind was a doggy and her pups.

Whether they were noisy or crying is not disclosed, but an unknown suspect had come along and glued the mouths of the pack shut. Yes, with actual glue. This heinous act is truly done with only the cruelest of intention. We find ourselves wondering if the dogs were noisy, why not simply call a rescue service? Regardless, we can breathe a sigh of relief, as a neighbor stumbled upon the dogs in this state and managed to get most of the glue off.

The neighbor also said half of the litter of puppies was missing and called The Senior Dog Lodge and Animal Rescue in Sunbright for help. The animal rescue and shelter picked the dogs up and are currently caring for them while they are made ready for adoption.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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