Nothing Can Get Between These Two Very Best Friends! This Is Just Too Cute For Words - A Dog's Love

Nothing Can Get Between These Two Very Best Friends! This Is Just Too Cute For Words

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Edith Govea took a trip to San Luis Potosí is Mexico to visit a relative, but while she was there, she saw something that she believes to be a perfect example of true love and friendship.

Govea was outside of the house when she saw a small white pup standing up on his hind legs and trying his hardest to look over the gate of one of the neighboring houses. He lived in a different house and was allowed to go for walks on his own. Curious, Govea watched as the little pup hoisted himself up so he was hanging by the gate.

Suddenly, a German shepherd popped up from the other side of the gate. The two hugged each other, with the bigger pup wrapping his paws around the smaller one. Govea was immediately touched by this display of friendship, and wondered how the two knew each other.

But then, something Govea could never have expected happened. The small white pup was beginning to try and push his way through the bars on the gate! It didn’t seem possible at first, but the German shepherd began to help, and soon, the little dog had managed to squeeze into the bigger dog’s home!

Govea then watched as the two snuggled up together in a corner of the German shepherd’s compound. The two refused to let anything come between them, even a big gate, and did everything they could to be together. She was so touched that she couldn’t help but share the story on social media, where it quickly went viral. It’s an amazing tale of two kindred spirits who love each other, and that is a truly beautiful thing to see!

Images & Feature Image Source: Edith Govea

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