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Olympic Snowboarder Helps South Korean Rescue Dog Find A New Loving Home!

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The 2018 Olympic Winter Games event was held in South Korea, and as U.S Olympic athletes flocked to the nation to compete, some found ways to help out while they were there.

According to estimates by the Humane Society International, approximately 17,000 dog meat farms are located in South Korea alone, and organizations like Save Korean Dogs work tirelessly to stop them.

A little under an hour away from the venue of the Olympics, a little pup named Jadu was rescued from a dog meat farm, and Maddie Mastro, an 18-year-old American Olympic snowboarder, was eager to help out in any way she could. Owning three rescue pups herself, Maddie is a huge animal-lover and animal welfare supporter.

Jadu needed to be sent to the United States, where he would be taken in by a shelter and well looked after, but he needed someone to take him there. Maddie stepped up to the plate and filled the shoes of temporary caregiver. She used her own funds to switch her flight to a dog-friendly one so she could bring Jadu along!

Back in the US, Jadu was taken in by The Barking Lot, a San Diego rescue organization that has rescued over 200 different pups from the dog meat trade. Once it was certain that Jadu was healthy, they were ready to put him up for adoption. Despite his history and lack of socialization, Jadu has proven to be an outgoing and bright pup who loves interacting with humans.

Maddie hopes that her actions have helped to bring awareness to the dire dog meat situation in South Korea and potentially raise funds for rescues working to shut them down. You can find out more about The Barking Lot and even adopt Jadu into your family by checking out their website!

Image & Feature Image Source: Facebook/The Barking Lot

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