On A Nice sunny Afternoon, This Stylish Pup Prefers Lounging In The Pool Like A Boss!

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Everyone can use a good pool day now and then! It makes us all behave just a little bit more like kids than usual. A sunny day, a backyard pool, a lovely float – honestly, summer can’t get any more perfect! And if you have a pup with you, you’re on some next level poolside fun!

Here we have a Golden Retriever taking a day off from his usual indoor lounging and playing to sit on his pool float on a warm sunny day. It’s so cozy and relaxing that it almost looks like the pup is about to fall asleep and take a nap right there!

Dad decides to give the pup a crunchy snack and holds it up. The second the pup catches wind of it, he goes from drowsy to wide awake and turns his float around, eagerly making his way back to shore where Dad awaits with the yummy treat! Before long, he’s grabbed the snack and is very focused on chewing it. What a happy pup!

Feature Image Source: SpecVBlue

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