On Mother's Day, Breeder Drops Sick Pup In Shelter, Asking For Her To Be Euthanized - A Dog's Love

On Mother’s Day, Breeder Drops Sick Pup In Shelter, Asking For Her To Be Euthanized

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Mother’s Day is supposed to be about cherishing and loving the maternal figures in your life. But that’s not what happened to Abigail, a 9-year-old poodle mix.

Abigail was brought in to the Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform shelter on Mother’s Day, and the person handing her in had just one request: to have the poor pup put down. Staff could easily see, from Abigail’s stomach, that she had likely been bred multiple times.

Abigail was sick, frail, and covered in matted fur, and her stomach had bulges indicative of tumors. But staff couldn’t stand to euthanize her on this day that should have been dedicated to her happiness. Instead, they hurried her to an emergency vet clinic close by.

After a haircut and a bath, Abigail began to shine. It was as though she was smiling, and was thanking every single one of the people who helped her. Though she was clearly exhausted, her sweet personality revealed itself beautifully.

Now, Abigail is staying with foster parents. She needs to recover before she can safely undergo tumor removal surgery, and in the meantime, she’s being spoiled and doted on! Her foster parents say she is very gentle, reserved, and loving.

It’s truly disheartening to see such a sweetheart of a pup being so badly mistreated. She seems to operate under the assumption that she has to earn the love of others – something her foster family is working hard to teach her isn’t the case.

Would you like to contribute to Abigail’s recovery? You can do so at the Dallas DogRRR website, here!

Images & Feature Image Source: Dallas DogRRR

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