Ooh This Adorable Pup Is In The Mood To Scare People Today! - A Dog's Love

Ooh This Adorable Pup Is In The Mood To Scare People Today!

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Overnight trips are often some of the best holiday experiences you can ever have! You get to pack in so much more into a vacation than you otherwise can do in a single day trip. Plus, staying overnight often leads to sleeping in some really cool places!

In this family’s case, they have decided to spend the night at their local state park. Sounds like a great idea, especially when you have a Beagle pup like Oliver along! Now this pup can spend two days walking around in the wilderness, instead of one!

But before he can go out and play, the family needs to check into their room. Here, Oliver does a thorough inspection of the bed by diving under the blankets. Except there is one tiny problem – he has turned into a blanket ghost, and is now haunting the bed! Oh no! Everyone should fear this very scary pup!

Feature Image Source: Oliver the Beagle

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