If you have a senior dog or your puppy is getting older, it's important to make sure they are well taken care of. Here are some tips on how to care for your furry friend as they age:

1. Activity

It's important to keep your senior dog active with regular exercise, as it is crucial for their health and mental stimulation. Walking is a great option, but avoid extreme temperatures.

2. Diet

Proper nutrition is essential for senior dogs as their metabolism slows with age. To prevent obesity, which can cause joint and bone damage, heart problems, and respiratory issues, reduce calories while still meeting their nutritional needs. If your senior dog's appetite has decreased, try smaller, more frequent feedings.

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3. Grooming

Regular grooming can improve a senior dog's comfort and prevent matting and tangles in long-haired breeds. Use a gentle shampoo, warm water, and a towel to dry them before using a blow dryer on the lowest setting. Grooming also allows for bonding and checking for physical changes or health issues.

4. Vet Visits

Take your senior dog to the vet every six months and report any changes in behaviour. Full physical exams, blood tests, and urine tests are usually part of the checkup process. Regular checkups can help prevent issues from becoming serious. Don't wait until your senior dog is sick to visit the vet.

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