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Paralyzed 6-Year-Old Meets Her New Service Dog

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The joy on people’s faces when meeting their service dogs for the first time is often a once in a lifetime moment. In some instances, people have been the victim of tragic accidents and serious illnesses that have left them with disabilities for life.

This is the case of a little girl, Memphis Haman. She is only six years old and was the unfortunate victim of a serious car accident. The accident had killed her granduncle and injured her grandmother and herself. Unfortunately for Memphis, she was left paralyzed. In Palm Beach Children’s hospital, she will be recovering until her discharge date later in August this year.

This week, however, was exceptionally special. Memphis met her future service dog outside the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital. Juliet is a three-month-old Golden Retriever who is currently undergoing an 18-month training session to become a certified service dog. The two met and Memphis could not hide the huge grin on her face! According to the agency, Juliet is progressing well in her training and can already successfully complete a list of tasks. These tasks include picking up dropped items and provide companionship.

The feelings between Memphis and Juliet certainly are not one-sided! In pictures taken outside the hospital, Juliet is seen cuddling Memphis and making herself comfortable with this little girl. I am sure we all hope the two will live a supportive and laughter-filled life together! The amazing abilities of our canine companions are remarkable, and they truly do make our lives better!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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