Peanut The Dachshund Is A Little Sleepyhead! - A Dog's Love

Peanut The Dachshund Is A Little Sleepyhead!

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Puppies are so cute when they are sleepyheads, just surfacing from a big sleep and trying to wake up and make sense of what is going on in their world. The dachshund puppy in this video is Peanut and she is a tiny 13 weeks old.

Her mom wants her to wake up and go outside with the big dogs but Peanut is finding it all a bit too hard!

There’s simply no way Peanut wants to get out of her bed. She’s only a little baby and that looks like a very cosy little bed. No wonder she doesn’t want to leave it. We can relate to this feeling, Peanut!

Continue Reading And See The Video Of Peanut The Sleepyhead Here!

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