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People Are Coming Forward To Help Dog In Hospice Fulfill His Bucket List!

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A popular trend nowadays is to have a bucket list. For those who have never heard of this, it is essentially a list of things one wishes to do or accomplish before the end of one’s life.

Anything can be put on a bucket list. Ranging from the most mundane things to the most outrageous or exotic adventures. It depends entirely on the person compiling the list and will most likely reflect his personality and lifestyle as well. In one particular case, a bucket list was compiled by others for a very special furry-faced recipient named Theo. Theo’s plight was brought to the attention of CBS 2’s presenter, Brad Edwards, when he received an email one morning.

The compelling mail told of a dog named Theo who was rescued from a parking lot at a busy shopping center by Crystal Lake couple Jenny and Scott. Theo is estimated to be about twelve years old and, unfortunately, is in the end stages of cancer. Because the cancer is so advanced, he may only have weeks to live. Wanting to cram the most delightful experiences into the short time remaining for Theo, Jenny and Scott were hoping that compassionate members of the public might be tempted to help him tick things off his bucket list. The response exceeded all expectations!

Thanks to generous listeners, Theo has been on a number of adventures, ranging from boating to meeting a pony, with a number of other exciting possibilities in the pipeline!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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