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People Running A Marathon Stop By To Give Adorable Fluffy Pup Some Belly Rubs!

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It’s very difficult to resist the act of petting an adorable dog. Trust us – we know this to be true! That’s probably why marathon runners couldn’t resist giving Max the corgi loads of attention during the New Orleans’ Crescent City Classic!

Max, like all other corgis, has short stubby legs, an adorable facial expression, and lots of love to give. His appearance is also one that few can resist. I mean, how do you say “no” to a pup who looks like that? He’s charming, fluffy, and he loves belly rubs – so how could anyone refuse?

Max and his Dad, Colin, went to the Crescent City Classic with a friend, Mary Jacobs, to cheer on their friends from the gym they go to. Being a 10-km race, it stretched on for quite a while, and at some point, Max got a little tired of being on his feet and hyping up the crowd.

To help take some of his tiredness away and give him a chance to breathe, Colin decided to pick Max up in his arms. He cradled him so the cute corgi’s legs were up in the air, and his panting tongue lolled out as he smiled. It wasn’t long before a chain reaction began! Marathon runners passing by the trio began to stop to give the pup rubs and pets.

Max definitely wasn’t complaining as more and more of them began to give him drive-by affection! Luckily for us, Mary Jacobs caught a lot of it on video. Just look at how happy Max looks! He’s probably giving all those marathoners some added motivation. Good job, pup!

Feature Image Source: Instagram/fluffycorgimax

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