Persistent Puppy Tugs Away At Mom’s Sock!

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Persistence can often pay off in big ways! If you really want something, you have to go for it and never let up! Most people have goals for their lives, and sadly, many of us don’t ever achieve them.

We give up along the way. Or maybe our goals change when we meet that special someone! (wink, wink!). But, if you have a goal, it is important to stay focused. Take the Golden Retriever in this video, for example. The pup has his eye on his mom’s sock. It may not seem like a prize to you, but to the dog, it is ever so important!

The pup wants the sock, and he wants it right now! Watch and see how the ‘battle’ seems to be favoring mom for a while. Once the tables turn, the puppy knows that victory is at hand and makes his decisive move! Tada! The sock is his! Well done!

Feature Image Source: cooperthegoldenboy

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